I. F. Stravinskij opera The Rake's progress

Prague Spring 22. 5. 2012
The historical building of the Czech National Theatre in Prague

“The orchestra under the baton of Jakub Klecker and the chorus supports Stravinskij’s neo-classicism and is essential for the success of the evening. Rake's progress was an experience which only confirms the forefront of Ostrava opera on an imaginary ranking of musical theatre.”

Radmila Hrdinová, Právo, 24. 5. 2012

“The unrestrained tempo of the performance is hold by the conductor Jakub Klecker, who does a great job with woodwinds and influences the musical impression by more romantic feeling than could be expected. It is the best accompaniment for the fresh and often very entertaining interpretation of the ancient plot.”

Frank Kuznik, Hospodářské noviny, 24. 5. 2012


I. F. Stravinskij opera The Rake's progress

Opening 1. 3. 2012
The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava

“Stravinski’s moral legacy is successfully interpreted by the Ostrava Opera Company in a modern, revealing, vivid musical and theatrical way. The production was based on the musical rendition of Jakub Klecker, under whose baton the rhythmically demanding score sounded convincingly with the entire nicety and with the combination of old compositional techniques with the music of 20th century, maintaining the contrast of delicate limpidity with sound magnificence.”

Helena Havlíková,, 6. 3. 2012


“Jakub Klecker is well experienced on the field of modern opera repertoire (he conduct Janacek, Martinu and Philip Glass at his home stage in Brno), which is put to the best use by this admirably convincing musical rendition and the orchestra rewarded him by an extraordinary performance and richness of musical colour.”

Antonín Matzner, Hudební rozhledy, 5. 4. 2012


“The conductor Jakub Klecker led the opening night reliably, despite of some mistaking players, but generally speaking we can say that the orchestra of Ostrava Opera became better in last two years and also did the well coordinated chorus. The way to the operatic Europe goes through here: the repertoire, this conception of operatic theatre, connection of singing and acting expression, enthusiasm and all the skills of artistic collectives. And an international cast of artists of raising career! The productions like this one are to co-product and be shown to Europe with no shame!”

Josef Herman: Divadelní noviny, 20. 3. 2012


Some of the previous reviews

“The conductor Jakub Klecker dealt well with the colourful and unrestrained score. The percussion were well distinguished, the brasses were appropriately turbulent and the magnificent chorus sounded rhythmically precise. To reach more coherent sound and the better musical colour the orchestra was newly laid out: the percussion were in the left part of the pit and the woodwind in the front of the conductor...”

Miloš Zapletal, Brněnský deník, 05/2011


“Without hesitation I consider Jakub Klecker one of the best young conductors of today. It is outstanding that he holds together such a big ensemble; there is no disorder or uncertainty. His power consists in monumental sound eruptions followed by delicate pianos with everybody following him!”

Martin Robert BOTZ, Der neue Merker, 05/2011


“The orchestra of Brno Opera under the baton of Jakub Klecker showed that it is in the best shape. The crescendos were extraordinary well built from the beginning, the dynamical parts were played precisely and the romantic parts flowed quietly. When Don Magnifico sings “Ella mori” the music sounds really sadly; and the following quintet holds this atmosphere until the musical turbulences prevail. Such a details show the qualities of the conductor!”

Martin Robert BOTZ, Der neue Merker. 05/2011


“On Wednesday the 7.4. the recital of Richard Novak (born in 1931) took place in saint Paul and Peter Cathedral. He created once-in-the-lifetime experience together with the Brno Philharmonic led by Jakub Klecker – the young conductor who conducted with detached view by reliable and precise gesture.”

Karla Hoffmannová, Hudební rozhledy, 06/2010


“The orchestra was in the best shape as usual in Brno. The exquisite young conductor Jakub Klecker led it by his confident hands. It is certain that we will hear about this extraordinary talented young artist in future.”

Martin Robert BOTZ, Der neue Merker, 05/2009


“The romantic music was fresh and getting directly to the heart, especially when Jakub Klecker chooses nimble tempos. He plays the waltzes juicy, with Parisian spirit and heats the mind by can-cans... “

Karla Hofmannová, Brněnský týdeník, 05/2009


“Kantilena Chorus led by Jakub Klecker became the best chorus in Europe with two golden medals in the competition of 20 thousand singers in 453 choirs from the entire World, especially from Asia and Africa who joined the Choir Olympics.”

Michal Žák, Brněnský Metropolitan, 08/2008


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